Area of a Triangle

How to calculate the area of a triangle, with example


How to calculate the area of a triangle

It’s very simple to calculate the area of a triangle, you just use the following formula.

A = 0.5 x b x h


A = area

0.5 = a constant

b = length of the base (bottom)

h = the height

If you had two triangles, it would make the same area as a square. So this formula calculates the area of a square and then finds what half of that would be by multiplying it by 0.5. you could also use A = (b x h) รท 2.


You’ve been asked to calculate the area of a Triangle, you measure the base and find it is 6m and the height is 4m.

Find the area using the formula

A = 0.5 x b x h

A = 0.5 x 6m x 4m

A = 3m x 4m

A = 12m2

The answer is 12m2. Twelve meters squared

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