About The Engineering Mindset

The Engineering Mindset was started in 2015 by its founder, Paul Evans. The mission was to help students, engineers and like-minded people learn technical engineering topics through short, simplified tutorials.

Our goal is to be the number one resource and online learning tool for all aspects of engineering. We minimise technical jargon while using detailed illustrations and animations to help convey the essentials of each subject with on-demand, internet based, education.

Our motto is simple: Simplify. Teach. Inspire.

What is an Engineering Mindset?

The mindset of an engineer is to solve problems by breaking down any issue into smaller, solvable, chunks to find a solution. Engineers are always looking to expand their knowledge, being constantly curious about how things work, where else they’ve seen something used or where could something be applied.

Everyone has the ability, no one is born with knowledge. Knowledge and understanding are something you earn through questioning, reading, watching, doing and most importantly, trial and error. It is something you can only acquire over time.

Consider this

Since the first tool was created by mankind, our species has dramatically evolved, technologically, all the way up until this very moment in time. All this happened because of the engineering mindset of individuals, who not only questioned why, but they looked for solutions. They created tools and also showed others how to use and make one, this feeds a constantly expanding pool of knowledge which allows others to build upon the knowledge of the previous.

Engineers are the backbone of our entire species, without them we wouldn’t be able to produce and distribute medicines and clean water, we wouldn’t have warm, dry homes and we would never have left our planet, but additionally, you wouldn’t be able to read this without them.With all this in mind, it seems our duty to further encourage and enable the stroke of genius that is the engineering mindset and hopefully we will inspire and enable future generations of engineers.