3D Print Motor Download Files

The STL files are listed below for the construction of the 3D printed DC motor.

Rotor (x1)Download here
Print here
Stator (x2)Download here
Print here
Support (x2)Download here
Print here
(3D print or cut from wood)
Download here
Print here

Other parts used

  • 5mm diameter Steel rod
  • 22mm Copper pipe, cut to length of commutator
  • 2x bearings
  • 0.22mm diameter (31 AWG) enamelled magnetic copper wire
  • 3mm drill bit
  • Super glue
  • Sand paper
  • Thick copper wire (or large paperclip) for electrical connection to commutator
  • Saw to cut copper pipe in half
  • Pipe cutter to cut segment of pipe
  • Bearings 2x (625 2RS)
  • Magnets