This contact form is for commercial enquiries only.

If you have a technical engineering question please write it as a comment on our YouTube channel, under a relevant topic, and either us or a community member will respond.

If you are contacting us regarding usage of content, please note the following:

You can embed our videos into your website or intranet for free by clicking the “share” button under the video (On YouTube), then selecting “embed” and copying + pasting this code into your content. This will require an internet connection to play and adverts may play intermittently throughout. We explicitly do not grant permission to download content for offline viewing, this is a breach of copyright.

  • If you would like to use our content commercially/offline/internal training purposes you need to purchase a license. The following options are available.
    • Life time commercial usage license. This allows offline usage so no internet connection is required, no adverts will play other than hard coded sponsor messages. Our branding will remain on the content. This content must not be edited or uploaded to any publicly accessible website. For example, but not limited to, Facebook or YouTube etc.
    • Custom video production: if you would like a customised video produced please contact us and let us know your requirements and the purpose of the video. This comes with no usage restrictions.
    • Sponsored content: If you would like to have your company/product/service featured in one of our videos, please get in contact.

If you are from an educational centre, university, college or charity, please note the following.

  • Non-charging educational centre (e.g. public school or charity) you need to apply for a free educational license. Please contact us to let us know how you’ll be using our content first. Applications must be made from an email address of the educational centres domain.
  • Charging educational centres (e.g. university, college, private tutor or training centre which charges a fee to students to attend) you need to apply for a commercial license.

If you are a student and you wish to use our content in your work. Please apply for a student license. Contact us and let us know how you’ll use the content. Applications will only be accepted from emails with educational domains.

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