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We unfortunately do not offer any technical or homework/assignment assistance. Please leave any such questions as a comment on a relevant video on our YouTube channel, so that the community can respond and also learn.

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If you are contacting us regarding usage of content, please see below:
Commercial usage: we offer a number of videos as a professional quality, ad-free, white label format. This is suitable for example: A business which would like to train their staff. We offer a one time payment, lifetime usage licence with no limits on number of students. Please contact us below, with a business email address, for more details.

Educational licence: we offer the commercial quality videos at a significant discount for educational centres such as schools, universities and correctional facilities. Please contact us below, with an educational centre email, for more details.

Free usage: All our videos can be embedded into your website or Word/PowerPoint documents for free using the embed feature. This will require an internet connection and ads may play intermittently. The video will appear within the document but it will stream from our YouTube channel. To use this please find the video you would like to use, then (from a PC) click the share button on the bottom right hand corner, then click embed, then copy the code it generates and paste this into your website or document.

Sponsorship: We are always interested in partnering with new sponsors. Please contact us using the contact form below.

Custom videos: We can provide custom made videos for your own channel or for example client or employee training. Please contact us below for more details.

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