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We’re looking for volunteer guest writers to contribute articles and blog posts on engineering topics. (See topic ideas below) these articles will be posted to our website and shared across our social media channels to hundreds of thousands of likeminded community members.

Articles will contain your name, photo and contact information (such as LinkedIn) to help you gain industry exposure, build an online reputation and progress your career within industry.

  • Articles should contain relative photos (photos must be your own)
  • Articles must be your own original words (can’t be a duplicate from another website)
  • Articles must not discuss or mention sensitive topics such as religion, politics, gender etc.
  • Articles must contain a minimum of 300 words
  • Articles can’t be blatant sales pitches for companies, products or services. The content must be genuinely interesting and helpful to the audience
  • Articles should be simplified and not use slang unless the term is widely used in industry. If industry slang is used then it must be explained so that junior engineers understand.
  • Articles must be well laid out using paragraphs and headers

Topic ideas

Projects, experiences, guides, top tips, concepts, future tech or projects, technical knowledge, book review, day in the life of, industry news, lessons learned, how to, summary and thoughts on interesting YouTube videos, Ted Talks, etc. (not our videos), industry insights, briefing reports on new laws and legislations applicable to industry, industry leaders, famous engineers.

Who can submit a topic?

Anyone can submit an article, but you should be competent in that field. For example, if you choose to submit an article about legislation changes then you should have a high level of exposure to these changes and the implications.

Articles must be written in English to a good standard.

Writers must ensure they have permission to talk about their subject area.

Writers will be asked to sign a simple acceptance form, basically agreeing the content is their own work, it is not defamatory and does not infringe any international, national or local laws and regulations applicable to the writer and that the writer holds the relevant rights to grant us permission to own and use the material, including editing and deleting.

We reserve the right to modify submitted content to align with the theme of the website.


If this sounds interesting to you, we would love to hear from you. Please drop us a message using the contact form below and tell us a little about yourself, what makes you competent to discuss the topic, as well as what topic you would like to cover.

Excited to hear from you!

If you are writing on behalf of a company or organisation, please contact us through this link

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